• What makes BALMO JOAILLERIE so special?

At Balmo Joaillerie, we strive to revolutionize the standard jewellery industry by being a key figure and pioneer of the highest diamond quality standard in the world. We aim to provide diamonds of the highest light performance at the most competitive prices.

• What kind of diamonds do you offer?

All our diamonds are of Super Ideal Cut standard. A Super Ideal Cut diamond has a very tight set of proportions, and perfect symmetry that allow it to achieve maximum possible light return. In our collection, we have Super Ideal Cut Round; Cushion Brellia, the World’s first Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamond; Solasfera, a 10 Hearts & Arrows Round that possesses maximum Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation; and Octagon, the World’s first 88 faceted Hearts & Arrows diamond.

• Are BALMO JOAILLERIE’s diamonds certified?

Balmo Joaillerie’s diamonds are carefully selected and examined by an in-house GIA certified gemologist. Most of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where a certificate will be provided to you upon purchase.

• Why should I choose BALMO JOAILLERIE over other jeweller?

Balmo Joaillerie is a jeweller based in Malaysia, where quality and exceptional customer experience is never compromised, offering ready-to-wear and customised fine jewellery. Each bespoke jewellery we create aims to reflect the wearer’s individual style and we hope will be treasured for generations to come. We aim to assist our customers in fulfilling their needs based on their resources and to make such treasured pieces special in every way. 

• What Ring Sizing should I follow?

All our rings are according to Hong Kong ring sizing. Please convert them accordingly before making a purchase. 

• What is the lead time for bespoke orders?

Customised fine jewellery pieces normally take 6-8 weeks for production. We do receive requests for rush orders but are unable to rush as good things take time! We ensure to maintain our quality standards. 

• Can I buy from you if I live outside Malaysia?

We provide fast and reliable shipping to more than 150 countries. All our international orders are securely packaged and shipped via FedEX International Priority. In addition, all orders are fully insured while in transit to your home or office.